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I AM A TEACHER!!!! - With Ms. McCord.

Dear Parents,

This welcome letter is sent with tremendous anticipation for the start of a magnificent school year. Plans are already underway for exciting activities, lessons, projects, class trips, and much more. The first of many celebratory events this year will be the moment your child enters the door of our classroom this year. Students adapting to their new teacher and new friends won’t be nearly as exciting as conquering the new challenges of second and third grade!

In order to help your child reach his or her maximum potential, it is essential to create a classroom environment where students are both motivated to learn and actively involved in their own learning process. As such, I have planned and prepared with great expectations for this school year. I welcome your support and I look forward to an entire year of new discoveries and great accomplishments!

While anticipating getting to know both you and my students, I am positive that you are just as anxious to get to know me. To help begin this process I have included a poem that I wrote. This poem is significant when demonstrating what I contribute to the PASSAGE Christian Academy. It is reflective of my many years of experience as an educator and describes what drives my commitment to excellence and my dedication to your child’s success. Parents make sure that you check in your child’s homework folder for all homework assignments and any communications that are from me. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me via Jupiter Ed or at PCA 352-336-8983.

Who Am I

I am an educator with a great love for children. I am a leader whose followers are our precious future. I am a mother who comforts many by making all feel safe. I am an inspiration whose creativity is infectious. I am a motivator encouraging all to be the best that they can possibly be. I am believer who empowers those who may not yet know all that they have to offer. I am a coach who balances high expectations and fun. I am a counselor, always willing to lend an ear. I am a mediator, making sure all sides are heard and good decisions are made. I am a facilitator, guiding children toward the gift of knowledge.



Alicia McCord

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