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About PASSAGE Christian Academy


Founder's Welcome


PASSAGE Christian Academy (PCA) offers the best Christ-centered learning experience for children in Alachua County for grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

As our mission for PCA states, it is to provide children a superior, well-rounded, academic education and foundation in an environment that fosters a healthy Christian lifestyle in preparation for world leadership and success –in both Kingdom and secular arenas.

We thank you for your continued support and prayers.

In His Service,

Pastor George & Lady Michele Dix
Sr. Pastor and Founders

History of PASSAGE Christian Academy

PASSAGE Christian Academy opened its doors in 2010 as the fruit of a pastor’s heart. Dr. George B. Dix, Jr. had always had a desire to make a difference in the community by reaching the educationally underserved and underprivileged of Gainesville and Alachua County. Specifically, he envisioned a school that would provide excellence in education coupled with the saving knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having seen too many failing students, failing schools, and failed remedies in the region to stand idly by and do nothing, he and First Lady Michele Dix founded PASSAGE Christian Academy as a private Christian academy with a solid mission: to provide students with a well-rounded academic education and moral foundation that would prepare them for leadership and success in both the Kingdom and secular arenas of life.

This was no easy task. But with much prayer, dedication, and planning – and most of all by the grace and mercy of God, who brought dedicated teachers and administrators to provide help and support, the vision became a reality.

The school grew from its small and humble beginnings to eventually add students, programs, and honors. Each year, with few exceptions, PCA has featured a Choir and Praise Team, a Dance Team, a Cheerleading squad, and a Step team. Other clubs and groups like Safety Patrol, Student Council, PCA Ambassadors, and Chess Club have been featured. Students have indeed thrived and excelled at PCA. Some of PCA’s student achievements and honors include: Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Essay Award winners, MLK Commission of Florida Youth Oratory winners, Alachua County Spelling Bee Finalist, Pleasant Street Historical Society Essay Award winners, Step Up For Students Meritorious Scholar Award winners, and the Northeast Florida Forensics Competition winner.

The physical campus itself has seen renovations and additions. A library, a cafetorium, new playground equipment, and an outdoor basketball court have been added. The components of bible-centered curricula, daily chapel services, and the annual CrossWalk have become staples of the school’s spirit life.

Over the years PCA has established a solid reputation in Gainesville for its students’ character, poise, visibility, and community service. As the academy enters its eleventh year, it is poised to take the next step by tackling the digital world and adding a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) curriculum to its 21st century profile.

To date, the academy has graduated eleven young men and women into the collegiate, vocational, and professional ranks and is continuing to prepare many more for leadership and success, in keeping with the heart of Pastor George B. Dix, Jr.’s vision.     

Staff of PASSAGE Christian Academy
  1. Dr. Freda Coleman, Principal

  2. Alicia McCord, Assistant Principal

  3. Mariah Monroe, Administrative Assistant, Prime Time After School Coordinator

  4. Stephanie Mayfield, Kindergarten Teacher

  5. Chioma, Iyamu, First Grade Teacher

  6. Denise Stevenson, Second Grade Teacher

  7. Victoria Winkler, Third Grade Teacher

  8. Dr. Stephen Magnus, 4th and 5th Grade Teacher

  9. Azaria Chamarro, 6-12 Grade Teacher

  10. Beautiful Edden, Teacher Assistant

  11. Flossie Albert, Culinary Specialist

  12. Jamal Smith, PE & After School Prime Time Tutor

Academic Affiliations
Image by Aaron Burden

PASSAGE Christian Academy has the following affiliations:

  1. Florida Department of Education (FDOE)

  2. Florida Coaliton of Christian Private Schools (FCCPSA)

  3. Accelerated Christian Education

  4. ABeka

  5. National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

Our Educational Philosophy

Students will receive personalized instruction tailored to their strengths and needs by a team of highly skilled educators and aides. Our core curriculum includes the nationally recognized A.B.E.K.A. curriculum for kindergarten through first grade, the A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum for grades 2-12, in addition to Florida Virtual School options for middle and high school students.

PASSAGE Christian Academy is a member of the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools:

Our Mission

The mission of the PASSAGE Christian Academy is to provide children a superior, well rounded academic education and foundation in an environment that fosters a healthy Christian lifestyle in preparation for world leadership and success—in both the Kingdom and secular arenas.

Our Approach
Sunday School

Through use of 21st Century curriculum, progressive methods, skilled and spirit-led staff, and integration of biblical principles, PASSAGE Christian Academy offers the best Christ-centered learning experience for children in Alachua County.

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