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Campus Life


We strongly believe building a Christian lifestyle takes deliberate planning and involves creating habits. At PASSAGE Christian Academy we make it a priority to keep the Spirit of the Lord moving in our students through our daily Chapels, daily instruction from Christ-centered curricula and Bible classes, through spiritual guidance, nurturing and counseling from our Christian staff, as well as student participation in our popular PCA Choir & Praise Team. Throughout the year, special guest speakers and missionaries address the student body to reinforce the importance of the gospel call not only locally, but throughout the world. The CrossWalk is a special event student/parent gathering which takes place on our campus annually during Passion Week and serves to broaden understanding to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.  


Princesses of Substance


Princesses of Substance is our after-school mentoring club for girls K-12. It is designed to instill healthy Christian values, etiquette, and bonding to influence girls to lead lives of purity, virtue, and ambition.

Young Men of Valor (Y-Move)

Young Men of Valor, also known as “Y-MOVE”, is a boys-to-young men after-school mentoring club whose emphasis is on helping boys develop healthy Christian values and lifestyles through school and off-campus projects, teamwork building, communication, and self-discipline.

Cross Walk

The CrossWalk is a solemn remembrance event based upon the Via Dolorosa, or the Way of Sorrows - a long narrow routeway in Jerusalem, which is the traditional path the Lord took from Pilate’s judgment seat to the city walls at Calvary’s Hill. During the PCA CrossWalk, the Passion scriptures are read aloud and hymns are sung along the route. Students and parents take their places lining up behind a replica of the cross of Calvary as it is carried to selected stations on the school grounds. Afterward, there is fellowship and a dance performance led by the PCA Dance Team in celebration of the Lord’s resurrection. The CrossWalk enables students to vividly imagine being present at the Crucifixion and encourages them to consider the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus in a more personal way.

Soul Food Potluck

Our Soul Food Potluck is an annual family gathering of food, fun, and fellowship held at our cafetorium during Black History Month (February). At this highly popular event PCA families are asked to participate and bring in a dish to share as a family meal. The emphasis is on traditional African American cuisine served potluck style.  

100th Day Celebration

When the school calendar hits the 100th day mark, we at PCA take the opportunity to celebrate! In addition to a school-wide pep rally, we throw in some fun competitions for gift card prizes, a pizza party, and special words of encouragement to finish strong from each teacher.    

  • Princesses of Substance

  • Y-Move

  • PCA Choir & Praise Team

  • PCA Dance Team

  • PCA Ambassadors

  • Student Council

  • Safety Patrol

  • CyberLab

  • Chess Club

  • Cheerleading

  • Oratory / Debate Club

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